The following works of literature remain unpublished. Jason Paul is currently looking for representation. Literary Agents can contact the author via the contact link in the main menu.


I is I: The Singular Life of Lyle Mann
A Novel


After a decade in Warszawa, Poland the honeymoon is over for the English Professor of Film Studies, Lyle Mann. His greatest achievements are behind him and a sense of stasis, both professional and personal, pervades. As if this were not bad enough, one of his most promising students is garnering critical praise from outside the university. Personal convictions and professional obligations converge when Professor Mann is ordered to attend the annual Warsaw Film Festival with the student in question. After a fateful conversation with a woman at the bar, Professor Mann is surprised to find his position at the University of Warszawa in jeopardy, leading him to take stock of the life thus far lived, and to question whether or not, already in his forties, he has one last hurrah left in him. 


Sit, Ammit, Sit!
Stories and Vignettes 


A conceptual collection of short stories and vignettes thematically grounded in mortality. The kernel of each short story is either the spectre or one of its multifarious strings, the vibrations of which are felt as pivotal frissons.

From adolescence through young adulthood into senescence, the characters of each story attempt to outrun, appropriate, or overcome the only real certainty in life: its ultimate end.


Warsaw: Through English Eyes


A collection of belletristic essays and critiques on Poland’s capital city, Warsaw. The essays vary in subject matter: museums, forests, birds, institutions, war, landmarks, language, cultural movements. A number of book reviews form the nexus of broader ruminations: Bartoszewski, Shore, Zamoyski. Most all the essays are participatory reflections on first hand experiences and five years of garnered insight.

Formative Years: A Collection of Literary Critiques


Titularly written during the author’s time at university, each critique in this collection analyses some of the finest literature ever written. From the theory of entropy in modern fiction to the extrapolation of the soul in Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the purpose of each critique is to reinvigorate discussion. The authors examined include Pynchon, Zamyatin, H.G. Wells, Tennyson, Stevenson, Dante Alighieri, Soyinka, and Dangarembga.